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About y0gastudios

y0gastudios is a videographer and photographer with 10 years of experience in the gym and fitness industry. We specialize in capturing the essence of fitness and wellness through our lens. Our services include event coverage, commercial shoots, as well as personal portrait sessions. We are passionate about our craft and strive to create visual content that inspires and motivates our clients to achieve their fitness goals.

We use state-of-the-art cameras to capture stunning high-definition footage of your fitness journey. From action shots to slow-motion video, we have the equipment to meet your needs. Our camera rental options include the latest models from top brands such as Canon, Sony, and Panasonic.

Our monitors ensure that you get the best possible results from your shoot. With crystal-clear displays and accurate color reproduction, we guarantee that you'll be able to see every detail of your footage. We offer a wide range of monitors from trusted brands like Dell and ASUS.

We have a variety of lenses and accessories to help you achieve the perfect shot. From wide-angle lenses to telephoto lenses, we have the equipment to capture every angle. We also offer accessories like tripods, gimbals, and lighting equipment to help you take your shoot to the next level.

We provide all the power and media equipment you need to keep your shoot running smoothly. From batteries and chargers to memory cards and hard drives, we've got you covered. Our equipment is reliable and high-quality, ensuring that you can focus on your shoot without any interruptions.

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